Our History

For more than 40 years CREST has been a consistent, reliable community resource..

How did we get Here?

CREST is an organization formed during the late 1980's by of a few passionate family members seeking  treatment options for loved ones who had developmental disabilities. This group was determined to create alternatives to institutionalization that would assist disabled people with dignity and a better quality of life. They initially formed Cumberland Group Homes, a group of rental properties that provided community -based housing and supports to persons with developmental disabilities. As the 1990's began, the organization added a day activity center and formed partnerships with the Association for Retarded Citizens and Housing Urban Development(ARC/HUD) to operate additional residential programs. The organization was renamed Cumberland Residential and Employment Services and Training. In recent years CREST has expanded its services to include vocational training, job placement, and services for consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing,  and blind/sight impaired.

  • 1978 Cumberland Group Homes Founded
  • 1994 Renamed Cumberland Residential and Employment Services and Training
  • 1990s Established partnership with ARC/HUD
  • 2010 Moved to Tillinghast location
  • 2015 Established partnership with NC Vocational Rehabilitation
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