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    • 28 Aug
      In October CREST will be seeking renewal of its accreditation status through CARF International. The survey is scheduled October 25-26 and will be conducted virtually via DEES (Digitally Enabled Site Survey). Any persons who would like to provide CARF with constructive input regarding CREST and its operations can use the following information: CREST- CARF-( 888) 281-6531.
    • 1 Jul
      CREST Adult Day Vocational Program reopened it's doors in February facing the many challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The program continues to go to great lengths to ensure that consumers and staff remain safe including frequent sanitation, social distancing, and use of PPE. All program staff and participant are encouraged to get vaccinated. 100% of participants who live in C.R.E.S.T. residential programs have been vaccinated. The day program has resumed it's normal operating schedule Monday through Friday 8:30am-3pm For more information call 910-487-3131.
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