Residential Services

CREST provides supervised residential programs designed to promote independence and quality of life.

Supervised Living

CREST residential programs provide a safe haven for residents to live and to develop skills that promote independence. Our primary objective is to help residents plan and attain their most desired living situation. We currently have 5 supervised living group homes serving males and females ages 18-65. Our quality of care exceeds normal expectations with compassionate, competent staff that provide around the clock support. Residents learn how to care for themselves including personal care, accessing medical services, household management, and simple meal preparation. We encourage our residents to make decisions for themselves and to be responsible for their actions. Residential programs also offer opportunities for individual and group leisure/recreational activities.


  • What are the qualifications for admission to the group homes?

    To be considered for admission, applicants must be ambulatory and have a primary diagnosis of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) . The facilities are leased through ARC/HUD and applicants are subject to other requirements to qualify for admission.

  • Do the programs provide transportation?

    CREST residential programs provide transportation for its residents to all local therapeutic group activities (i.e. day program, school, work, recreation), and to community medical services.

  • How/where do I apply?

    To apply or if you have more questions about about residential services, you may contact us at 910-487-3131 or by email at

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