CREST Employment Services

Supported Employment/Work Adjustment

Many adults living with a developmental disability have a socio-economic status of living at or below poverty level and are dependent upon some form of government assistance to meet their basic needs. As a result, they are often have to live with/depend on family members or other sources of support. Many of these individuals have the desire and potential to be financially independent but need assistance and opportunities to become gainfully employed. CREST provides participants with opportunities to develop effective skills and techniques to become financially independent. Activities include:
Vocational Assessment
Job matching/exploration
Job coaching
Work Adjustment/Supported Employment service for persons who are deaf/hearing-impaired or bling/sight-impaired.


  • How do I apply for these services?

    For questions about eligibility you can contact Alliance Health, NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, NC Division of Services for the Blind, or call CREST at 910-487-3131.

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